Service Notification

18 Feb 2019

Prepaid cards: important change regarding cash loading

Effective Friday 8th March 2019, all prepaid cardholders must hold a bank account with MCB. The cash loading of prepaid cards should be done through Internet Banking, on our mobile app JuiceByMCB or by debiting your MCB bank account. New loading limits will also apply.
22 May 2019

Security awareness

It has been brought to our attention that members of the public are being contacted by fraudsters via chat applications such as Viber to gather personal and confidential information in view to commit fraud. 

We remind you to remain vigilant at all times and never share any personal or bank details with anyone

03 Jun 2019

EUR account credit balances

Effective 1st June 2019, the negative interest of 0.40% is no longer applicable on EUR account credit balances exceeding EUR 100,000.
14 Aug 2019

Change in interest rates

Following the adjustment of the Repo rate to 3.35%, the following rates have been consequently modifed.
The new rates are applicable at MCB, at start of business, as from Wednesday 14 August 2019:
  • Savings rate: 1.75%
  • Prime Lending rate (PLR): 5.6%